Lucas 071 Coal Tar Roof Cement – 5 Gallon


#071 Coal Tar Roof Cement is a coal tar pitch based trowel applied mastic roof cement for use in the installation and repair of coal tar roof systems. Coal Tar Roof Cement should not be used on asphalt roofs and asphalt based roof cements should not be used on coal tar roof systems with the exception of flashings, which are typically asphalt. Lucas #071 is intended for dead level surfaces only; it is not a flashing cement.

Lucas #071 Coal Tar Roof Cement is manufactured from 100% refined coal tar pitch, aromatic solvents, reinforcing fibers, and mineral fillers to adjust viscosity and working properties. No asphaltic or aliphatic materials are added to this product. Coal tar products change viscosity rapidly and irregularly with temperature variations. The consistency of this product is adjusted seasonally to provide optimum application characteristics. Coal tar products such as #071 have a characteristic odor which can be irritating to some sensitive individuals.

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Lucas 071 Coal Tar Roof Cement – 5 Gallon

When applying #071 Coal Tar Roof Cement proper roofing procedures should be followed at all times including inspection of the roof for flaws that might allow seepage of this product into the building, deck, or insulation materials. This product is intended for use on coal tar and gravel roofs with a pitch of not more than ½ inch per foot. This product is intended for surface application only – not an inter-ply adhesive. The roof surface must be clean and dry. Blisters should be opened and allowed to dry completely before being resealed with #071 Coal Tar Roof Cement and polyester fabric reinforcement. Avoid applications or methods where coal tar or coal tar odors can enter the building. Coal tar products must be protected from solar radiation. Embed gravel in the finished surface of #071 to retain pliability and self-healing characteristics. #071 Coal Tar Cement should be applied as it comes from the container, without thinning or heating above ambient temperatures, at the rate of 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Do not over-apply. To avoid the photochemical effects associated with the application of coal tar based products we recommend the use of appropriate barrier creams and/or pitch hoods.

Clean up: Clean up with Lucas #125 Safe Solve™.
Shelf Life: Two years from the date of manufacture.

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