Lucas 302 Asphalt Liquid Roof Coating – Premium Non-Fibrated – 5 Gallon


Lucas #302 Roof & Foundation Coating – Premium Non-Fibrated provides an economical means of recoating and preserving smooth-surface asphalt roofs. Periodic recoating of otherwise sound built-up roofing felts can prolong service life many years. This product is not intended for use over tar or asphalt and gravel roofs. Please refer to our #010 for tar roofs and #713 for asphalt and gravel roofs. #302 is also recommended as a faster drying dampproof coating for new poured foundation walls.

Lucas #302 is formulated from refined, higher softening point asphalt and petroleum solvents. Consistency is maintained to provide easy brushing qualities. Application of #302 produces a faster setting film that allows foot traffic sooner than standard quality products. All Lucas asphalt roof coatings are ready to use and do not require special preparation before use.


Lucas 302 Asphalt Liquid Roof Coating – Premium Non-Fibrated – 5 Gallon

Surface to be coated must be clean and dry. Weak, broken, cracked or blistered areas of the roof and flashings must be repaired prior to coating with #302. Blisters, which are caused by trapped moisture, must be opened and dried, then resealed using glass membrane and flashing cement. Moisture trapped between plies of a roof will eventually reappear as a blister or a leak. Seal form ties on foundation walls with Lucas Form Tie Cement. Apply #302 evenly, as it comes from the container with any appropriate tool, preferably, a four knot roofing brush, at the rate of approximately one to two gallons per 100 square feet. Do not allow foot traffic until the coating is fully cured.

Clean Up: Lucas #125 Safe Solve™.
Shelf Life: 2 years minimum

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