Lucas 315 Premium Kwik-Dry Asphalt Primer – 5 Gallon


Lucas #315 Asphalt Primer is a fast drying asphalt primer intended for use on metal, concrete, masonry, wood decks and parapet walls prior to application of asphalt built up or modified bitumen roofing systems. It should also be used before resurfacing weathered asphalt and granular surfaced modified bitumen roofs. #315 Asphalt Primer’s improved drying time allows traffic on the primed surfaces sooner and faster application of the roof system.

#315 Asphalt Primer is manufactured from refined high softening-point asphalt, fast drying petroleum solvents and a special penetrating additive.

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Lucas 315 Premium Kwik-Dry Asphalt Primer – 5 Gallon

Apply #315 rate of 1/2 gallon per 100 sq. ft. More may be necessary on more porous surfaces; however increased rates of application will extend the drying time. Do not allow foot traffic until completely dry.

Clean Up: Lucas #125 Safe Solve™.
Shelf Life: 2 years minimum.

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